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Poker Profit Tracker

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개발자: TS Media Group
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Poker Profit Tracker is an extremely EASY to use poker bankroll management app.

No more confusing app interface, unnecessary add-on and complicated inputs

Bankroll management is the key element in being successful for any serious poker player. Poker Profit Tracker will help you keep every dollar in check and minimize the risk of busting as you slowly and steadily build up your poker funds.

Key features:
- Tracks both cash and tournament poker games
- Tracks several different types of poker games including Texas Holdem, Omaha, Horse, 7 Card Stud, Razz and etc.
- Shows the most profitable game types.
- Manage and track total bankroll income, your poker profit per hour, per session, most profitable locations and your monthly poker income.
- It shows your total winning and losing sessions and tournaments
- Ability to view cash game and tournament stats separately.
- Detailed list of each poker sessions.
- Ability to delete unwanted or incorrect sessions.
- Customizable bankroll currencies
- Ability to lock the app with password.
- Take notes for each session for future reference.

Let us know what other functions you want to see in the app and we will continue to make the improvement. Thanks

Poker Profit Tracker Team